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Managing Water Around Your Property

It has been a wet summer so far with no end in sight.  You may be noticing signs of water intrusion in your property or looking for ways to ensure that your property stays dry and comfortable. Your home is constantly being tested by the elements and can use hundreds of gallons of tap water on a daily basis. If a home is well built and maintained then there is little need for worry. If this is not the case there could be excessive damage to your home including mold, rotting wood and structural damage.  Your home need to repel water, have proper ventilation, have a dry and firm foundation and have plumbing that is free of leaks. Exterior Moisture Problems Roof and Flashing This is probably the most obvious area for water penetration.  Roofing materials can be damaged, blown off and wear out causing moisture intrusion.  The most common area for leaks are around chimneys, plumbing vents, skylights and exhaust fans. Flashing and sealant joints can become worn and crack over time.  Shi

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