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Smelling gas in the home? Take action

Do you smell gas in the home Edmonton? Natural gas leaks can be serious and the support you need is only a call away.Repeatedly we encounter minor to moderate natural gas leaks.  I have even entered a home with a know leak for over one year time.  Anytime you suspect Natural Gas do not delay, know who to contact in your jurisdiction. For this article we will refer to ATCO Gas in our great city of  YEG Edmonton Home Inspection.   http://www./ Natural gas unchanged really has little to no smell. A product called Mercaptan is added to the gas to give us that easy to identify smell of rotten eggs.Do you believe you smell natural gas? Leave immediately. Leave everything as is no need to change lights or appliance settings. Once you have left the home or building in YEG Edmonton contact ATCO GAS at 780-420-5585 or call 911 without delay.Only a few months ago I was requested to perform a home inspection. One of the first comments in the list of concerns was a “smell gas in the hom…

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