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Taking Care of Your Roof

This time of year we are all thankful for the roof over our heads.  To ensure that it keeps us protected from the elements you will need to monitor it throughout the year.  Your roof is not waterproof but is water resistant which means that at some point you may experience a leak.Our harsh climate puts our roofs to the test and although there are different types of roofs there are common things to watch for.  You will want to watch for debris that can clog gutters and valleys, loose flashing and any damage to the roof coverings.  While it is important to check your roof this can be dangerous.  You can use binoculars for a quick visual but you may want to consider calling a professional after a bad storm to ensure that there hasn’t been any damage that needs to be repaired.  Home inspectors are equipped with infrared thermal cameras and moisture meters which can be used to find and test the roof structure.  Ensure you use an inspector who is trained in thermal technology.There are two …

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